shooting spree

Protesters take part in a march to honour the Paris shooting victim | Photo: AFP/Julien de Rosa
 Italian far-right extremist Luca Traini is escorted in a vehicle by police officers as he leaves for his trial at the Macerata Tribunal, 2018 | Photo: ANSA / Fabio Falcioni
Two days after the fatal police shooting of a 16-year-old, several hundred demonstrators protest outside a police station in Dortmund | Photo: Roberto Pfeil / picture alliance/ dpa
German leaders have vowed to confront far-right terror in the wake of the attack | Photo: Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images via DW
Much of the country is controlled by local armed forces that operate independently of the government | Photo: Reuters
Silvio Berlusconi would like to see 600,000 migrants deported | Credit: DW
Six people were wounded in the shooting spree | Credit: DW