The Sea Watch docked at the port of Catania, where the ship Diciotti, visible in the background, is also currently anchored. ANSA/ORIETTA SCARDINO
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50 Tunisians rescued off the coast of Lampedusa by the Coast Guard, which had transferred them off of a small boat. Archive photo/ANSA
Migrants wave after disembarking from Diciotti
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini | Credit: ANSA/ MARCO COSTANTINO
File picture of the Diciotti vessel with migrants onboard
archive photo shows about 15 migrants aboard a small boat intercepted by finance police off the southern coast of Sardinia. ANSA/FINANCE POLICE PRESS OFFICE/CAGLIARI AIR AND NAVAL GROUP
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini Matteo Salvini "welcomed" at the hotspot by people chanting 'Matteo, Matteo', on June 3, 2018. ANSA
Migrants rescued by the US Navy off the coast of Libya, now in safety in Italy Photo: Jonathan Nelson/US Navy/dpa
Migrants disembark the Italian Coast Guard ship Diciotti, which brought 900 rescued migrants and two dead people to Catania, Italy, on June 13, 2018. Credit: ANSA
Migrants wait to disembark in Sicily
A frame taken from a video by the Italian Police about the operation that led to the arrest of 13 people of Tunisian, Italian and Moroccan nationality