Soldiers securing Bulgaria's borders | Photo: Picture-alliance / dpa / V. Donev
Thierry (right) and his friend sit in front of the Caritas day centre in Nicosia. They go there to socialize and to seek help and guidance in their asylum application processes  | Photo: Anne-Diandra Louarn / InfoMigrants
The men accused of being involved in the trafficking of the 71 migrants found dead in a truck | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/P.Gorondi
Photo: Getty Images/AFP/I.Sanogo
A rescue operation by NGO Proactiva Open Arms | PHOTO: EPA/Proactiva Open Arms
Europe’s border in Africa | DW Documentary (Migration documentary)
Photo: Picture Alliance/AP Photo/D. Bandic
Croatian authorities have significantly stepped up their efforts against illegal migration | Credit: ARCHIVE/EPA/FEHIM DEMIR
A mother and her two children walking by policemen in Tunis. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA
Abdou Faye was accused of being a people smuggler on his arrival in Italy. He was forced to pilot the boat at gunpoint but he served his sentence and was then acquitted. This is his story. | Photo: Emma Wallis
The 'mother' fishing boat, part of an alleged new technique employed by traffickers. CREDIT: GUARDIA DI FINANZA POLICE
File picture of the fences in Calais. Photo: Mehdi Chebil