social inclusion

Diverse classrooms foster better social integration, researchers have found | Photo: Liesa Johannssen/ picture alliance/photothek
Refugees with disabilities welcomed by UNHCR staff | Photo: UNHCR/MICHELE CIRILLO
Maka and Emanuele, firm friends thanks to Community Matching | Photo: ANSA
Co-publishers Martina Rink and Simon Usifo | Photo: Sammy Hart/Eden Verlag
From file: These migrants from Morocco were lucky to have made it to Gran Canaria | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/Javier Bauluz
Many immigrants will now be able to get naturalized while holding on to their original nationality | Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa/picture alliance
Part of the closing event for the fifth edition of PartecipAzione in Rome, November 11, 2022 | Credit: UNHCR
The press conference to present Unia in Rome, on November 8, 2022 | Photo: UNHCR/Valerio Muscella
Merz says Germany is more generous with welfare payments than other European countries, attracting migrants. July, 2022 | Photo: picture alliance / Panama Pictures / Christoph Hardt
The Austrian flag | Picture-alliance/dpa/D.I.Karmann
Refugees from Ukraine at Tegel airport in Berlin | Photo: Steffi Loos/AP/Picture-alliance
View of the Palazzo della Consulta, Italy's Constitutional Court, on the Quirinale Hill in Rome | Photo: Angelo Carconi / ANSA