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An empty street in Bologna, Italy, during the coronavirus lockdown | Photo: ANSA
Still taken from a video shared on Twitter purportedly showing Greek rights violations against migrants at the Greece-Turkey border, March 2020
OASI on the street was created by Mosaico, a support group for refugees, founded and run by refugees in Turin | Source: Screenshot mosaico
Many rumors about Syrian refugees have been circulating in Turkish society recently
The logo of "Map of Intolerance" | Credit: ANSA/Map of Intolerance
Image of a Facebook user | Photo: Reuters
Logo for the #chooserespect campaign | Souce: Twitter @chooserespectEU
Migrants rely on smugglers to cross the desert. Many can expect to be kidnapped and even tortured before their journey is over.
Anas M., who became the victim of an anti-refugee smear campaign on Facebook after taking a selfie with Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaks to reporters outside a courthouse in Bavaria
Credit: Teyit
Photo: ANSA