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If you make technical preparations now, you can maintain communication in the event of an internet shutdown | Photo: Getty Images (via DW)
Many young and female Afghan social media influencers are now seeking exile | Photo: Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty Images (via DW)
A new mosque in the western town of Dormagen was one of the buildings smeared with threats | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/L.Hammer
Priti Patel, Britain's Home Secretary, May 23, 2021 | Photo : Reuters
Luna Reyes, a Spanish Red Cross member, hugs a migrant who arrived swimming to cross the border of Tarajal in Ceuta | Photo: EPA/REDUAN
The fake Ofii Facebook page looks like this | Source: Facebook Screenshot
An empty street in Bologna, Italy, during the coronavirus lockdown | Photo: ANSA
Still taken from a video shared on Twitter purportedly showing Greek rights violations against migrants at the Greece-Turkey border, March 2020
OASI on the street was created by Mosaico, a support group for refugees, founded and run by refugees in Turin | Source: Screenshot mosaico
Many rumors about Syrian refugees have been circulating in Turkish society recently
The logo of "Map of Intolerance" | Credit: ANSA/Map of Intolerance
Image of a Facebook user | Photo: Reuters
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