sos mediterranee

A vessl of the so-called Libyan coast guard (top left) and migrant rescue ship Ocean Viking | Photo: SOS Mediterranee
Astoun, a former refugee from Syria, is a rescue worker on board the Ocean Viking. January 7, 2023 | Photo: Michael Bunel
Migrants are frequently caught in distress in international waters and the Maltese SAR zone | Photo: picture-alliance/Valeria Ferraro/Anadolu Agency
A picture taken as one of 73 migrants disembarks the MSF-run ship Geo Barents in the port of Ancona on January 12 | Photo: @MSF_Sea Twitter feed
A new chapter begins for the migrants leaving the Ocean Viking - as the NGO rescue vessel prepares to embark on its next mission | Photo: Frey Lindsay
Crew members and rescued passengers on board the Ocean Viking, December 29, 2022 | Photo: Frey Lindsay
As the migrants waited to disembark in Ravenna, they realized that an uncertain future awaits | Photo: Frey Lindsay
Staff from the Ocean Viking are seen saving 39 shipwrecked people here in the rescue area allocated to Malta | Photo: TWITTER / SOS MEDITERRANEE
From file: The Ocean Viking in Pozzallo, Italy| Photo: Francesco Ruta/ANSA/picture-alliance
The Ocean Viking rescue ship escorted by a military boat arrives at Toulon, southern France  | Photo: AFP, Christophe Simon
From file: The Ocean Viking, run by SOS Mediterranee | Photo: ANSA/OCEAN VIKING
The MSF operated ship Geo Barents has carried out four rescues in just four hours | Photo: MSF @MSF_Sea Twitter