Abdullah Sediqi. Photo : Belgium sports
Sarina Salehi is hoping to be at the Olympics one days | Photo: Astrid Linn via DW
Syrian refugee Adnan Al Mousa Alfermli | Source: Screenshot video report DW
Flag bearers Kimia Yousofi and Farzad Mansouri lead the Afghani team at the opening of the Tokyo Olympics before the Afghan Taliban took power | Photo: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images
Arezo Rahimi, former Afghanistan Women Football Federation president | Photo: CEAR (Comision Espanola de Ayuda al Refugiado)
Rugby player Ivan Nemer | Photo: ANSA
11-year-old chess prodigy Hussain Besou sets up chess pieces at his home in Lippstadt, Germany on April 4, 2023 | Photo: Thilo Schmuelgen/Reuters
Ramla Ali is proud of her Somali heritage | Photo: British Boxing Association
A picture of Afghan women football players | Photo: Kelly Defina / Getty Images
Clinton Chalokwu during the protest to support his case, on March 4, 2023 | Photo: Jeannot Photos
Shahida Raza, Pakistani hockey player, died in a shipwreck off Calabria on February 26, 2023 | Photo: ROPI/picture alliance
Ukrainian refugees in France adapt to new life through gymnastics