Dancer Ahmad Joudeh | Photo: Getty Images/AFP/J.Thys
A migrant at a secret safe house in an area known as 'The Ghetto'' of Agadez, Niger. Photo: ANSA/UNICEF
The sit-in organized by Roman multi-ethnic team 'Pineto United' to protest against the definitive shutdown of a migrant hosting center where some of the players live | Credit: ANSA
Women football players | Photo: Alexa Vachon
Anszou Cissé is afraid he is going to lose his new home | Credit: ANSA
'The Merger'is a film about how sport can defeat prejudice | Screenshot of the film trailer
Former FC Barcelona defender Lilian Thuram playing with children in Beirut, Lebanon | Credit: EPA/ALEX CAPARROS - BARCA FOUNDATION
Credit: Football against Racism in Europe
Congolese Christ Wamba plays in a renowned Greek basketball club. Credit: Reuters
Yusra Mardini, one of the star athletes of the IOC Refugee team at Rio 2016 | Credit: Reuters/Michael Dalder
AfroNapoli soccer team which has enrolled in the 'Excellence' amateur championship with Neapolitan, African and South American players. PHOTO/ANSA/CIRO FUSCO
Canoeist Saeid Fazloula from Iran to compete for Germany at the World Championships