Mohammed Tahseen Beek had high hopes as he arrived in Germany five years ago, his expectations haven't completely been met but he tries to remain cheerful | Photo: Peter Zschunke / dpa
More people are migrating from Turkey to Germany according to academics in a web conference | Photo: picture-alliance / AP Photo / A. Merola
The University of Bari | Photo: Aldo Moro
A group of students eating  | Photo: OVGU
Representatives of several European Universities gathered in Naples' Orientale University | Photo: ANSA/Francesco Tedesco
Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte at the University of Teramo | Photo: ANSA/FILIPPO ATTILI UFFICIO STAMPA PALAZZO CHIGI
A student protests against the Home Office's measures in London | Photo: Migrant Voice
Many young people dream of getting a university education | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa
The main entrance to the Central European University
Credit: Colourbox/Pressmaster
Picture shows young migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Syria taking lessons in a classroom. Photo/Archive/EPA
17-year-old Syrian refugee Mazoun Almellehan speaks at the 'Supporting Syria and the Region' conference in London. Credit: EPA/MATT DUNHAM / POOL