subsidiary protection

OFPRA front desk. Illustration image. | Photo:
At the port of Catania, 111 migrants disembarked after being rescued by the Coast Guard on 17 April 2023 | Photo: ANSA/ORIETTA SCARDINO
The tent camp for migrants set up at the gates of the city of Bologna | Photo: ANSA/FRANCESCO MAZZANTI
Deportations - or Abschiebung in German - are part of Germany's overall migration management
| Photo: picture alliance / CHROMORANGE / Michael Bihlmayer
Protests have swept across Iran following Amini's death | Photo: user generated content
EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson said that Ukrainians will 'always' receive a warm welcome | Photo: ANSA
Many rejected asylum seekers are in limbo as they can not return to their country of origin | Photo: Patrick Pleul/dpa/picture-alliance
From file: A woman carries her child in an initial reception facility in Bitburg, Germany | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/H.Tittel