syrian refugees

Anas Alturkey feels he can relate to people who are forced to start all over | Photo: Anas Alturkey's public Facebook profile
Turkish president Erdogan wants his AK party to win elections again in 2023 | Photo: picture alliance/Presidential Press Service
Letter from Syrian hunger strikers in Leznowola, Poland, obtained by | Source: Screenshot from, April 28, 2022
Greek soldiers seal parts of the Evros river bank with wire to stop asylum seekers, on March 8, 2020 | Photo: S. Baran/picture-alliance
Denmark's Minister for Immigration and Integration Mattias Tesfaye speaks to the press ahead of a EU Special Justice and Home Affairs Council on the response to the situation in Ukraine, at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium, 27 February 2022 | Photo: EPA/STEPHANIE LECOCQ
Franco A. posed as a Syrian refugee and now stands accused of preparing right-wing terror attacks | Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/picture-alliance
Syrian asylum seeker Mheddin Saho hopes that his three-year battle to stay in Germany will soon be over | Photo: From Saho's Facebook page, with permission
The alleged killing of a local teenager by an 18-year-old Syrian refugee sparked widespread protests in Ankara with anti-migrant sentiments at their heart | Photo : Cagla Gurdogan/REUTERS
A Syrian barber cuts a client's hair at Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan, in November 2021 | Photo: EPA/Mohammad Ali
Munzir al-Nazzal and son Mustafa arrive in Rome to start a new life | Photo: ANSA / Telenews
The UK government is pursuing a hard-line approach on people seeking asylum | Photo: Henry Nicholls/Reuters
From file: Refugees and migrants say that they suffer mental health issues but don't feel always comfortable discussing them | Photo: D. Lipinski/empics/picture-alliance