syrian war

From file: Syrian refugees queueing to withdraw cash from an ATM machine outside a bank in Beirut, Lebanon | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/WAEL HAMZEH
Syrian refugees pray at Akcakale refugee camp in Sanliurfa, south-eastern Turkey. | Photo: Archive EPA / CEM TURKEL.
From file: Syrians refugee families sit in the sun in front of their tents in Gazza village in the Beqaa valley, Lebanon. | Photo: EPA/NABIL MOUNZER
Hundreds of people of all nationalities are hoping to be able to reach Saudi Arabia from Port Sudan | Photo: REUTERS/Mohammed Benmansour
From file: The Isment camp in the Afrin district of Aleppo, where, prior to the earthquake in February, hundreds of Syrians lived in tents and briquette houses in and around an old cement factory | Photo: picture alliance / Esra Hacioglu Karakaya / Anadolu Agency
A Syrian man reportedly fell from the border wall between Poland and Belarus and is now 'fighting for his life' in hospital, according to Al Jazeera | Photo: Michal Dyjuk/AP/picture-alliance
11-year-old chess prodigy Hussain Besou sets up chess pieces at his home in Lippstadt, Germany on April 4, 2023 | Photo: Thilo Schmuelgen/Reuters
IS militants murdered thousands of people, often under torturous conditions | Photo: Hussein Malla/AP Photo/picture-alliance
Children were among the Syrians found in the back of a van by the German Federal Police on Monday | Source: Bundespolizei (German Federal Police)
Turkey hosts the highest population of refugees in the world, but some who fled the war in Syria are now returning after the devastating earthquake - perhaps for good | Photo: picture-alliance/Pacific Press/Donna Bozzi
Muhammad, 26, at the Bab al-Hawa border post on the border with Syria and Turkey. Photo: InfoMigrants/Dana Alboz
From file: Syrian refugees on the border between Turkey and Syria | Photo: Imago/Zuma