Turkish president Erdogan wants his AK party to win elections again in 2023 | Photo: picture alliance/Presidential Press Service
From file: The suspects are accused of smuggling Syrians from Europe through Ireland and around the UK via Belfast City Airport | Photo: Danny Lawson / Picture Alliance / Empics
A displaced Syrian woman holds her children as she leaves from an aid delivery point at Abu Makki camp in Sarmada district, on the outskirts of Idlib, Syria, November 26, 2021 | Photo: EPA/SEDAT SUNA
A Syrian boy clears snow from the entrance of a tent in the Syrian refugees camp of al-Hilal in the village of al al-Taybeh near Baalbek in Lebanon's Bekaa valley on January 20, 2022 | Photo: AFP
Materials used for torture by Jaish al-Islam in an underground prison Syria | Photo: Stringer/AFP via DW
The UK government is pursuing a hard-line approach on people seeking asylum | Photo: Henry Nicholls/Reuters
Northeastern Syria is experiencing its worst drought in nearly 70 years, with rising temperatures and erratic weather exacerbated by tensions with Turkey | Photo: Daniela Sala/DW
Polish officials with a migrant on the Polish-Belarusian border, Poland | Photo: Polish Territorial Defence Forces via REUTERS
People attend the funeral of the 19-year-old migrant from Syria Ahmed Al-Hassan, who drowned in Bug river, in the village of Bohoniki near Sokolka, Poland, November 15, 2021 | Photo: REUTERS/Marko Djurica
Belarusian soldiers stand guard as migrants gather for the distribution of humanitarian aid in a makeshift camp on the Belarusian side of the Polish eastern border | Photo: Oksana Manchuk/BelTA/Handout via Reuters
Cyprus is the EU's eastern-most country, lying just west of the coast of Lebanon. Many migrants also arrive in the country via Turkey and the land border between the Turkish-controlled northern part of the island and the Greek-speaking south | Source: Google Maps
Award-winning photo shows a 5-year-old Syrian child, born without arms and legs, smiling with his father who lost a leg during the war in Syria | PHOTO: Sipa press office /ANSA