tales from the border

The 'Tales from the Border' podcast has been awarded a Lovie Award | Credit: InfoMigrants
Ayoub arrived in France in 2021 - and now has a diploma and is living in Paris | Photo: Dany Mitzman / InfoMigrants
'Tales from the Border' - a Podcast in English by InfoMigrants | Credit: InfoMigrants
From file: Khaled looks out to sea from the beach at Wimereux, near Calais in September 2021 | Photo: Mehdi Chebil / InfoMigrants
Mountain paths high up in the French Alps | Photo: Dany Mitzman / InfoMigrants
Migrants cross the Alps from Italy to France at night in February 2021 | Photo: Mehdi Chebil / InfoMigrants
Migrants in 'Afghan park' Belgrade wait to board buses towards the EU borders in the north of the country | Photo: Idro Seferi / InfoMigrants
András meets migrants from Iraq and Syria, camping in the woods in May 2021 | Photo: Idro Seferi / InfoMigrants
Jalal from Morocco was injured when hit by a truck at night in Hungary. Later, he was pushed back over the border by Hungary, and forced to 'crawl like a baby' into Serbia | Photo: Idro Seferi / InfoMigrants
'Immense relief' on board the Ocean Viking after learning that they are to disembark in Augusta, Sicily | Source: Twitter feed @SOSMedIntl
Unemployment and poverty are key reasons why some in Senegal dream of crossing the Atlantic to Europe | Photo: Emmanuelle Landais / InfoMigrants