A soldier patrols near a steel fence built along the Evros River in the area of Feres, at the Greek-Turkish border in Greece on September 1, 2021 | Photo: Dimitris Alexoudis/EPA
The app is available in six languages and is free to download | Source: Screenshot from
A police officer patrols alongside a steel wall at Evros river, near the Greek village of Poros, at the Greek-Turkish border on May 21, 2021 | Photo: Giannis Papanikos/AP Photo
AaliaTech is an app that translates conversations between healthcare providers and patients in their native languages. Credit: Aalia.Tech
The German NGO Sea-Eye will make use of satellite imagery to better detect migrant boats in distress at sea | Credit: EPA/ALEXANDER DRAHEIM / SEA-EYE HANDOUT
The Sona Circle app looks to bridge the gap between refugees and finding a new life | Credit: Sona Circle
In the picture, a demonstration of a blockchain-based digital ID. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/ALEXANDRA WEY
Credit: ANSA
Meeting of police officials in Ventimiglia, at the border between Italy and France. Credit: ANSA/Polizia di stato (Italian Police)
Syrian refugee playing with a home made kite at the Azraq refugee camp, near Zarqa, some 100 km from Amman, Jordan ARCHIVE/EPA
Fereshteh Forough wants to give Afghan girls the chance to learn 21st Century skills Photo: DW
Syrian refugees being registered at the Zaatari refugee camp, east of Amman | Credit: Archive/EPA