Photo: Getty Images/AFP/B.Kilic
A picture of Ahmed from the family photo album  | Credit: Screenshot from Amnesty International Deutschland film about Ahmed's case from February 2018
Italian police and military secured the crime scene | Photo: Reuters/F. Lo Scalzo
Migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan sit inside a tent in a camp Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Photo:  EPA/Fehim Demir
Photo: Reuters/A.Jalal
Plane carrying deportees | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/B.Roessler
Refugees wait to be registered in the asylum service at the identification center in Moria on Lesbos island, Greece | Photo: EPA/PANAGIOTIS BALASKAS
The house where the suspects were arrested on January 30, 2019 | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/K.Schröder
An Italian financial police video shows the fast dinghies used by the traffickers | Credit: ANSA/GUARDIA DI FINANZA
Ammar Abdal was internally displaced in Iraq for three years before coming to Germany
Entry gate to Moria refugee camp, Greece | Credit: DW/M.Müller
Items confiscated by police in a raid against Salafist extremists who plotted an attack in Germany in 2017