Blessing, a migrant mother evicted from the CARA of Castelnuovo di Porto leaves the structure in Castiglione di Porto, Italy, 23 January 2019 | Photo: ANSA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI
A group of migrant men rest in the desert during their journey in northern Niger | Photo: Getty Images/AFP/S. Ag Anara
InfoMigrants Claire Paccalin visit the Moria camp on Lesbos and meets a family suffering psychological pain
Migrants in a detention center in Libya | EPA/STR
A migrant held in the Zintan center. Photo: DR
Those who escape torture are not much better off. | Source: picture alliance, AP Photo, Manu Brabo
The Yazidis have been persecuted by several different groups in recent years.
The video shows a group of Nigerian migrants fearing for their lives | Credit:  France Medias Monde
Protesters at a rally against torture | Source: UN Committee Against Torture
Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/A.Niedringhaus
Young migrants who arrived on the Sea Watch last week | Credit: ANSA/Marco Costantino
MSF medics refer a patient from Bani Walid to a secondary health facility | Credit: Christophe Biteau/MSF