unaccompanied minors

A young migrant is seen disembarking from the Sea-Watch 3 search-and-rescue vessel | Credit: ANSA
Youths in a German home for unaccompanied minor refugees | Photo: Picture-alliance/Ulli Deck/dpa
The Commission against human trafficking in Tunis | ANSA
Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/U.Deck
Migrant camp in northern France | Photo: DW/Joe Wallen
The handbook's cover. Credit: Council of Europe
A child being taken off a boat in Brindisi, Italy | Photo: ARCHIVE/CARLO FERRARO/ANSA
Behind the scenes: some of the group take photos for the exhibition | Photo: UNHCR (This photo was taken as part of an exhibition organized by the UNHCR and AGIA)
A distribution of meals for migrant minors at Midis du Mie. Credit: InfoMigrants
A protest in support of migrant rights in Italy, December 2018 | Photo: ANSA / Ciro Fusco
Ulrith and his Bayonne host family. Photo: Rémi Carlier for InfoMigrants
Refugees waiting to be registered in the Asylum Service in the Identification Center of Moria, Lesbos island, Greece | Photo: ARCHIVE/PANAGIOTIS BALASKAS