unaccompanied minors

Two Chadian minors living in the streets of Paris (archives) | Photo: Mehdi Chebil for InfoMigrants
From file: People with children wait in line at the Ukraine -Romania border crossing not far from the city of Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 10 March 2022 | Photo: Archive EPA / SERGEY DOLZHENKO
This processing tent is erected next door to Hope Hoste in Kigali, where migrants from the UK are expected to be taken | Photo: Victoria Jones / PA Wire / picture alliance
Ukrainian children welcomed at the school in San Lazzaro of Savena in the province of Bologna, Italy, on March 7, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/ALESSANDRO CORI
A Carabinieri police official consults a map during operations to look for two missing children in Rome | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/CLAUDIO PERI
Iraqi displaced men and children collect water from a donated tank at Al-Amiriya camp for refugees, 95 km western Baghdad, Iraq, 15 May 2022 | Photo: EPA/AHMED JALIL
Mbundu Joely, left, and Pablo Schils pose for photographers at the photo call for the film 'Tori and Lokita' at the 75th international film festival, Cannes, southern France, Wednesday, May 25, 2022. | Photo: AP Photo/Daniel Cole
Afghan children arrive at Rome's Fiumicino airport | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/NOVE ONLUS
Ukrainian refugees are welcomed by the civil protection at Milan's central station, on March 16, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/Paolo Salmoirago
Italian Labor Minister Andrea Orlando and Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese signing an MoI for the training of 3,000 migrants in the building sector. Rome, May 16, 2022 | Source: Twitter Ministero del Lavoro
Pope Francis meets migrants on the Greek Island of Lesbos, 5 December 2021 | Photo: ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MEO
The Ocean Viking is one of several private rescue ships operating in the central Mediterranean Sea | Photo: Twitter / @SOSMedFrance