unaccompanied minors

Several young people line up to get a hot meal at the garden on Rue Pali-Kao on Thursday, March 7th. Credit: Maëva Poulet / InfoMigrants.
Migrants are seen at the refugee emergency night center (CANE) in Barcelona, Spain.  Photo: EPA/Marta Perez
Migrants across Europe say they face discrimination | Photo: Imago
A group of minors being rescued in the port of Almeria, southern Spain. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/CARLOS BARBA
Children in the Moria camp in Greece | Credit: Sarah Sammya Anfis
Switzerland: Eritrean kids are reunited with their mother in Europe after eight years of separation | Source: Screenshot UNHCR /Tarik Argaz
A migrant child is assisted by medical staff and law enforcement officers after he disembarked from an Italian Coast Guard ship in the port of Pozzallo, Sicily. Credit: ANSA/FRANCESCO RUTA
A young migrant is seen disembarking from the Sea-Watch 3 search-and-rescue vessel | Credit: ANSA
Youths in a German home for unaccompanied minor refugees | Photo: Picture-alliance/Ulli Deck/dpa
The Commission against human trafficking in Tunis | ANSA
Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/U.Deck
Migrant camp in northern France | Photo: DW/Joe Wallen