undocumented labor

From file: Migrant workers working at tomato harvest in the farmlands of Foggia, Puglia region in Italy, August 2013 | Picture-alliance/ROPI/A.Pisacreta
Farmworkers in a field | Photo: ANSA/Quotidiano Del Sud
Screenshot from a police video detailing a major operation against gangmasters in Puglia | PHOTO: ANSA/Polizia di Stato
Migrants arriving in the Sicilian port of Pozzallo after being rescued by Spanish humanitarian rescue vessel 'Aita Mari' |  PHOTO/ARCHIVE/ANSA/FRANCESCO RUTA
Undocumented deliverymen in front of the Frichti "Hub" in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Credit: InfoMigrants
A person harvesting tomatoes between Lesina and San Nazario, southern Italy, on May 7, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/Franco Cautillo
A migrant employed as an agricultural worker in the countryside near Foggia in Italy's Puglia region | Photo: ANSA/FRANCO CAUTILLO
Migrants during a protest calling for amnesty, Turin, May 11, 2020 | Photo: Picture-alliance
The move is designed to help both migrants and Italy's ailing economy | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/OXFAM
Tens of thousands of undocumented workers, including migrants, are falling through the cracks of Portugal's welfare safety net, report the news agency Reuters | Photo: Reuters / Guglielmo Mangiapane
Volunteers of Casa Africa distributing basic necessities to poors and seasonal farm workers in Rome | Photo: ANSA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI
Migrants disembark from the NGO-run search-and-rescue ship Sea Watch in Messina, Italy, 27 February 2020. | Photo: ANSA/CARMELO IMBESI