undocumented labor

Trafficking was 'out of control' in labor-starved farm areas, the Portuguese Immigration and Border Service said | Photo: Picture-alliance
Undocumented worker in Vodanská in Mirovice | Photo: DW/Keno Verseck
Seasonal workers in Bad Krozingen, Germany
A view of Castel Volturno, Italy
Photo: Patrol car of the Polizia di Stato in Palermo / ANSA
One of the vans used to transport migrants to work in the fields and hired by bosses linked to organized crime groups.PHOTO/CARABINIERI
Ababacar Thiakh and Aliouene Tiham from Senegal are members of DiomCoop cooperative | Photo: Judit Alonso
Credit immagine: IOM
Migrants were taken to work in smelly vans, then monitored with GPS systems while delivering flyers | Credit: Guardia di Finanza
The San Ferdinando camp. Credit: Rocco Rorandelli/MEDU
A street in the Azraq refugee camp, Jordan | Credit: Archive-EPA
A rally to call for the reception of migrants and refugees in Barcelona, part of the the campaign 'Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra' (Our Home, Your Home). Credit: EPA/ALBERTO ESTEVEZ