undocumented workers

Illegal work can be dangerous in many ways | Photo: Imago/Thomas Imo
Most Syrians in Lebanon work in the service industry, for example in restaurants | Photo: DW/M. Karakoulaki
It is estimated that there are currently nearly 500,000 undocumented migrants in London | Credit: Pixabay, DR (Archive)
Migrants disembark from the Armed Forces of Malta vessel P51 | Photo: EPA/DOMENIC AQUILINA
Migrants working in an agricultural camp in Terracina where police recently arrested two people | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/ UFFICIO STAMPA POLIZIA DI STATO
Migrant workers in Latina province, Italy | Photo: DW/N.Conrad
Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/P.Pleul
Ababacar Thiakh and Aliouene Tiham from Senegal are members of DiomCoop cooperative | Photo: Judit Alonso
A migrant carrying sheaves of wheat in Italy | Credit: EPA/Khaled Elfiqi