Transgender activist Shakiro has been granted asylum after a long struggle | Photo: Reuters
More than 100 people were arrested during riots in Berlin on New Year's Eve, 2022 | Photo: DPA
From file: Moroccan police clash with sub-Saharan migrants in Casablanca, November 24, 2017 | Photo: FADEL SENNA / AFP
The international police operation involved the cooperation of five governments | Photo: Wallace Woon/dpa/picture-alliance
The wreck of a bus that burned out on New Year's Eve 2022 in the Berlin district of Neukölln | Photo: Marc Vorwerk/
A Carabinieri police car | Photo: Carabinieri/ANSA
With poverty levels also on the rise, conflict in South Sudan has migration observers worried | Photo: Stefanie Glinski/Welthungerhilfe
Patients in the waiting area outside the MSF mobile clinic in the Closed Control Access Center in Zervou, Samos, Greece | Photo: MSF/Evgenia Chorou
Members of Britain's military and Border Force extinguish a fire at the migrant processing center in Dover | Photo: Peter Nicholls / Reuters
The BBC documentary alleges that people were forcefully taken from Spanish territory and dragged back into Morocco | Photo: BBC Africa Eye
The migrants say they were beaten and bound upon arrival on Lesbos | Photo: Marios Lolos/Xinhua/IMAGO
Riot police officers cordon off the area after migrants arrive on Spanish soil, crossing the fences separating the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco in Melilla, Spain, Friday, June 24, 2022 | Photo: Javier Bernado / AP Photo