The Piazza del Duomo in the northern Italian town of Trento | Photo: ANSA/CLAUDIA TOMATIS
Students at the Professional Bar School of Paris will offer asylum seekers their legal services for free from the middle of February. Picture Alliance/DPA file picture
A banner reading 'Refugees Welcome' at a demonstration against the convention of the German right-wing 'Alternative for Germany' party (AfD), Riesa, Germany, 12 January 2019.EPA/MARKUS HEINE
Sister Marie-Jo helps migrants with their administrative procedures. Credit: InfoMigrants
Migrants sleeping in the cold in front of the Baobab Experience's informal center in Rome| Credit: BAOBAB EXPERIENCE
A film still from the documentary "Dove bisogna stare" | Credit: MSF
A pro-refugees rally in Pozzallo, Sicily | Photo: ANSA/ANDREA SCARFO
Chef Imad Alarnab and his friend, filmmaker Hassan Akkad, prepare lunch for customers | Photo: DW/M. Karakoulaki
The logo of 'Choose love' | Credit: Help Refugees
German woman with Syrian refugee looking at map | Photo: DW/S.Ouchtou
israAid works with traumatized women who have suffered sexual violence
Refugee Mushtaag Arab (17) with her guardian Monika Küpper (right)