Maka and Emanuele, firm friends thanks to Community Matching | Photo: ANSA
Hundreds of ordinary Tunisians protested against racism last weekend in the capital, Tunis | Photo: Fauque Nicolas/Images de Tunisie/ABACA/picture alliance
Astoun, a former refugee from Syria, is a rescue worker on board the Ocean Viking. January 7, 2023 | Photo: Michael Bunel
Sean Binder, one of the accused, said the trial was about 'human rights' | Photo: Panagiotis Balaskas/AP/dpa/picture alliance
Hani, a Red Cross worker who assists migrants in North Macedonia | Source: Screenshot DW report

From file: Christmas lunch for the poor and homeless organized by the Community of Sant'Egidio in the church of Santa Maria in  Rome, on December 25, 2021 | Photo: ANSA/Riccardo Antimiani
'Father Christmases' visit migrants and other marginalized groups in the area around Calais and Dunkirk | Photo: Johan Ben Azzouz/MAXPPP/dpa/picture alliance
Nazifa Noor Ahmad in 2018 after having received an award from Italian President Sergio Mattarella | Photo: ANSA
Volunteers from Rome's Casetta Rossa prior to the departure of the Rome section of the Safe Passage caravan for Ukraine as part of an initiative promoted by Mediterranea Saving Humans, 28 April 2022 | Photo: ANSA/PAGINA FACEBOOK CASETTA ROSSA
Andrea Costa, president of Baobab Experience, the Roman association that has been offering aid to migrants in transit since 2005, during a press conference at the foreign press association on April 21, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/ LAURA GIANNONI
Schindler's List film poster | Copyright: ANSA/Amazon
Ukraine war: Indian volunteers rally to help refugees at Polish border | Source: Screenshot video report DW