Students at the Professional Bar School of Paris will offer asylum seekers their legal services for free from the middle of February. Picture Alliance/DPA file picture
A banner reading 'Refugees Welcome' at a demonstration against the convention of the German right-wing 'Alternative for Germany' party (AfD), Riesa, Germany, 12 January 2019.EPA/MARKUS HEINE
Sister Marie-Jo helps migrants with their administrative procedures. Credit: InfoMigrants
Migrants sleeping in the cold in front of the Baobab Experience's informal center in Rome| Credit: BAOBAB EXPERIENCE
A film still from the documentary "Dove bisogna stare" | Credit: MSF
A pro-refugees rally in Pozzallo, Sicily | Photo: ANSA/ANDREA SCARFO
Chef Imad Alarnab and his friend, filmmaker Hassan Akkad, prepare lunch for customers | Photo: DW/M. Karakoulaki
The logo of 'Choose love' | Credit: Help Refugees
German woman with Syrian refugee looking at map | Photo: DW/S.Ouchtou
israAid works with traumatized women who have suffered sexual violence
Refugee Mushtaag Arab (17) with her guardian Monika Küpper (right)
Migrant minors during the distribution of meals served by Midis du Mie volunteers | Credit: Bahar Makooi / InfoMigrants