Abdullah Sediqi. Photo : Belgium sports
The Otash camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Sudan | PHOTO: IOM/Muse Mohammed
Hundreds of people of all nationalities are hoping to be able to reach Saudi Arabia from Port Sudan | Photo: REUTERS/Mohammed Benmansour
Photo: AFP/Getty
Ibrahim Alhaj, 30, makes plans to escape Sudan after weeks of fighting between the Sudanese Army and its rival paramilitary group. | Photo courtesy of Ibrahim Alhaj
Thousands have been displaced in recent days as fighting continues | Photo: AFP
From file: More and more Russian men are trying to leave the country to avoid being recruited into the war in Ukraine | Photo: Alexey Malgavko/Reuters
The human rights situation around the world has deteriorated in 2022, leading to displacement and migration | Photo: Gregoria Borgia/AP Photo/picture-alliance
The Ukrainian Aid Association in Aachen also organizes gatherings and events, such as this march held in commemoration of the first anniversary of the war | Photo: Facebook
Far away from Bucha, Oleksandra and her son want to start over in Germany | Photo: Marco Wolter
Dorcas Djabatey | Photo: Private
Photo: Michael Dyjuk/AP Photo/picture-alliance