Two sisters who fled Syria prepare a meal inside their refugee tent located in the refugees camp in Akkar, Lebanon | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/WAEL HAMZEH
Acclaimed filmmaker Jawed Taiman is both a European and an Afghan citizen | Copyright: Jawed Taiman
From file: migrants in the forest near the Poland-Belarus border in November | Photo: Leonid Shcheglov/Belta/AFP/REUTERS
EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson said that Ukrainians will 'always' receive a warm welcome | Photo: ANSA
A member of the Hungarian Red Cross gives water to a migrant who arrived in Zakany, Hungary by train from Tovarnik, Croatia | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/GYORGY VARGA
From file: A plane carrying people who have been evacuated from Afghanistan arrives in Paris in September 2021 | Photo: REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier
From file: A man is seen helping an old woman to get on an evacuation bus from Kramatorsk to Dnipro, Ukrain, on May 9, 2022 |
AFP  | Internally Displaced Persons in Maiduguri, Nigeria.
Ukrainian refugees in Rome | Photo: ANSA/Claudio Peri
A wrecked building in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, April 20 2022 | Photo: ARCHIVE ANSA/LORENZO ATTIANESE
Millions of Ukrainians have left their country, but some are beginning to return | Photo: picture-alliance/AP
Foreigners walk to Shehyni checkpoint to cross from Ukraine into Poland on March 1, 2022 | Photo: Picture-alliance