'Tales from the Border' - a Podcast in English by InfoMigrants | Credit: InfoMigrants
'Tales from the Border' - a Podcast in English by InfoMigrants | Credit: InfoMigrants

InfoMigrants's feature podcast "Tales from the Border" takes listeners on an audio journey across the political and physical barriers that confront migrants as they attempt to reach their destination in Europe.

Senegal, the Mediterranean Sea, the Serbian-Hungarian border or the French-Italian Alps: The podcast Tales from the Border explores the realities faced by migrants who hope to make it into the EU from Africa, the Middle East or Afghanistan. The migrants themselves tell of the many obstacles they confront on these irregular journeys, such as violent pushbacks by border guards, the fear of drowning at sea, or freezing to death in the Alps between Italy and France.

For the podcast, InfoMigrants commissioned reporters in various locations and conducted interviews with humanitarian organizations, including SOS Mediterranée, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and Care4Calais, to gather the sounds, interviews and stories.

The series starts in Senegal, where many still dream of escaping a life of poverty and getting to Europe, and ends in Calais, the final stop before crossing the Channel to the UK. In between, the audience hears tales of survivors and helpers on board the rescue ship Ocean Viking, of rights advocates fighting for those who are pushed back on the Hungarian border and the accounts of migrants risking the perilous Alpine crossing from Italy to France. 

The podcast was launched in November 2022 and was awarded Silver at the 2022 New York Festivals Radio Awards in the category Narrative/Documentary Podcast.

All eight episodes can be found here.



Presented and produced: Emma Wallis 

Edited: Marion MacGregor 

Series Editors: Charlotte Hauswedell, Sven Pöhle

Studio production: Gerd Georgii and Jürgen Kuhn in the DW studios 

Music: Chinese Man Records, France


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